Alert FM

As part of the Municipality of Kincardine’s on-going efforts to enhance emergency preparedness and maintain efficient and effective communications with its residents in the event of any type of emergency, an ALERT FM receiver is being delivered to households within 10 kilometres of the Bruce Power site.

Currently, the Municipality relies on sirens and Rapid Notify to alert the public in the 10 kilometre radius of the Bruce Power site. Rapid Notify is a system that sends out messages to residents using land-line phone technology. The ever increasing trend of people becoming more reliant on cellular technology and replacing their land-line phones with cell phones presents an area where improvements can be made. With the sirens undergoing refurbishment, ALERT FM will help bridge these gaps while also serving as a public notification enhancement.

What is an ALERT FM?

The ALERT FM receiver uses local FM Radio frequencies to send out a text message that is fed by satellite. It will provide Municipal Emergency Officials the ability to broadcast emergency messages directly to residents, businesses and institutions with an audible alert and text message within seconds.

What types of Alerts could be received:

Government officials developed a specific list of the types of alerts that are considered a threat to life and should be “broadcast immediately.”

Below is a complete list and description of these alerts.

  • Fire
  • Natural
  • Biological (may include: chemical, biological, radiological, drinking water contamination)
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Environmental
  • Terrorist Hazard
  • Civil (may include: civil emergency, amber alerts, animal danger, 911 service disruption)
  • Administration (notification of testing alerts)

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Set-up Instructions:

Each ALERT FM comes with set-up instructions on the box

  • Install an AA-size battery in the unit
  • Connect the mini USB connector to the unit and an electrical outlet
  • Make sure ‘SETUP’ switch is set at ‘ONLINE’
  • The receiver will display date and time, an antenna and a key symbol
  • If the message ‘NO SERVICE’ is displayed move the receiver to another location in your home

Additional Questions:

If you require additional information regarding the ALERT FM please contact the Municipality of Kincardine’s Community Emergency Management Coordinator at 519-396-2141 extension 4 or