Bruce, Grey and Huron counties are known for their beautiful sandy beaches, gorgeous sunsets and welcoming communities.

With our proximity to Lake Huron and Georgian Bay does come certain challenges though – including the possibility of severe summer and winter storms – and being home to Bruce Power does require certain emergency preparedness measures be met, in the highly unlikely situation of a nuclear emergency.

This website is an educational resource for the different types of emergencies we should all be prepared for, to ensure the safety of our families. The content of this website is now print friendly and available in our new 2019 Community Guide.

Should you find yourself in an emergency situation, do the following:


During any emergency situation, authorities will immediately contact all local radio stations. To receive information, residents should immediately turn on battery/crank-operated radios and tune to:

AM 560 FM 93.7 FM 95.5 FM 101.7
AM 920 FM 92.3 FM 97.9 FM 106.5
FM 91.3 FM 94.5 FM 99.3

Emergency evacuation

At times, due to a large-scale emergency such as a flood, fire, or nuclear or chemical release, people may need to be evacuated from their homes. These evacuations could last hours or even days.


Do not evacuate unless instructed to do so by radio, TV or emergency personnel. Unnecessary traffic could hamper emergency operations and could increase your chances of being exposed to toxic smoke from a fire or chemicals. You are safe where you are unless advised.


Listen carefully to evacuation instructions as they are broadcast and follow them exactly. Be prepared to take the most direct route to a major highway and travel away from the area in a safe direction.


• Battery/crank-powered radio and spare batteries.
• Flashlight with spare batteries.
• Warm clothing, blankets, and waterproof outer garments and footwear.
• Essential medicines, infant care items, personal toiletries and as many emergency supplies as you can.
• Means of identification for each member of your family, as well as personal and family documents.
• Leave your home locked. Do not restart heating, ventilating or pilot lights.